Concrete Leveling

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Our team of experts also provide concrete leveling services. Do you have unlevel or damaged sidewalks, patios or concrete slabs? They could pose a hazard to pedestrians. We can provide you a solution to your unlevel concrete problems. We offer a variety of services that will have your property looking amazing. You will save money over installing new concrete with our services. Give us a call today to discuss your concrete leveling needs. Our customer service team is available during normal business hours to take your call.

Unlevel Concrete Symptoms

Concrete slabs can become unlevel for several reasons. Normally problems arise during soil settlement. Soil will consolidate and will cause un-leveling of concrete slabs. Tree roots are a major cause of concrete issues as well. Tree roots will grow in almost any direction and can force the soil below your concrete to shift. This will cause issues to any concrete above it. We provide a variety of solutions to level your concrete slabs. Your unique solution will depend on your property and its soil. Once we assess the damage and decide on technique, we can begin repairs.

Concrete Leveling

Our contractors provide leveling for any size concrete structure. We have years of experience repairing sidewalks, driveways, stairs, and patios. We can assess the extent of the issue and then provide a cost-effective solution for you. Asheville Foundation Repair uses several different methods to level your concrete. We will provide the best solution for your home and its soil. Our leveling process is a nearly invisible solution to your problems. Once completed you won’t even remember your concrete was unlevel. Feel free to contact our customer service team today to discuss all our concrete leveling services.


Slabjacking lifts concrete by pushing a substance through the concrete. We will drill holes in your concrete to prep the problem areas. Mud-like substances have been used for years to perform this process. Today we use polyurethane foam for the process. Injecting the material pushes the slab up and will return it to a leveled state. Slabjacking is very cost-effective and is quickly done. During the process, our contractors don’t need to disrupt much of your property as well. You don’t have to worry about your home or its landscaping.


Mudjacking is achieved with a variety of materials. It is like Slabjacking, but we will use a mix of soil, sand, water and cement during the repair process. The mud mixture is forced into the concrete slabs and this forces the slabs up. Mudjacking is a great way to level concrete and contractors have been using this method for over 100 years to level concrete. This process provides a budget friendly solution that is environmentally friendly and stronger than polyurethane foam injection. Mudjacking will have a longer cleanup time and could cause some disruption to your landscape.

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