Concrete Repair

concrete repair asheville foundation repair

If you need Foundation Repair in Asheville NC., give us a call. We can fix any size concrete problem. Our team are experts at solving concrete cracks and leveling issues. We use the latest technologies and materials during our repair process. Our services provide many benefits over a new concrete install. You’ll save time and money after hiring us. We can provide repairs to sidewalks, parking areas, patios and more. Feel free to contact our customer service team today for a free consultation.

Concrete Repair Benefits

Concrete repairs have a variety of benefits over new installs. We provide a cost-effective solution for all our concrete repairs. Repairs cause little to no disruption to your property compared to new concrete. We will use less trucks, mixers, backhoes and jackhammers to do a repair. Your home and its landscape will be safe, and we will quickly be done with the repairs. There is little downtime during a repair. We will be done in as little as one day depending on the job. Concrete repairs are far less expensive over new concrete install. Our repair services will have your current concrete looking amazing.

Concrete Cracks and Spreading

If you have cracks and concrete spreading, we have a solution. We provide repair solutions that will save you money over new concrete. Our team can repair damage from heavy equipment, erosion, tree roots and more. Once our contractor assesses your problems we will then provide repairs that are quick and cost-effective. A normal repair will include, removing the damaged concrete and sub grade. We’ll then replace the sub grade and compact it to prevent future settling. We then pour in new concrete to the damaged area. The fresh concrete will be level with the rest of your concrete as well.

Sunken Concrete

We offer solutions to any sunken concrete issues. This normally occurs due to settling beneath the concrete. We are specialists at concrete leveling and use specialized slabjacking techniques to repair sunken concrete. The sunken concrete is forced up by pushing material through the concrete. The process has been in use for over 100 years. We’ve mastered it and use the latest technologies and materials during slabjacking. The process is quick and effective. Our slabjacking is cost-effective and will have your concrete slabs looking great. Feel free to contact our customer service team today to discuss your sunken concrete problems.

Concrete Maintenance

We can help you maintain your concrete. If you follow a proper maintenance schedule you can add years of life to your concrete. Asheville Foundation Repair NC offers concrete cleaning and maintenance. Sealing your concrete can give it an extra layer of protection. A sealant will protect your concrete from damage, corrosion and staining. We suggest a sealant every 5 years so your concrete will last a lifetime. We offer topical and penetrating sealers for your property. Topical sealers provide a visual enhancement and protection. Penetrating sealers will keep your current aesthetic while providing a deep protection for your concrete.

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